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For most breweries, the question of if they want to offer cans has already been answered; they simply need to figure out how to do it. Most breweries are now looking at integrating canning into their operational yearly schedule. At the onset of this decision, breweries face major financial and logistical obstacles.

Them that Can comes to you! We eliminate these hurdles and deliver the machinery, labour, materials and expertise to achieve a professional canned product. You can book our service when you like so have a clear time line for you to have the beer at its best. It also negates the issue of suspended beer duty, which is less up front cash and paperwork.

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Super Cans

Cans are air tight, impenetrable to UV light, and lined with a polymer coating preventing the packaging from tainting the beer’s delicate flavour. Gone are the days of a tinny taste, today’s can protects the quality of the beer better than a glass bottle.

Lower Cost

A can is lighter and more durable than glass lowering packaging and shipping costs. Plus, they’re more compact requiring less shelf space in store and in fridges.

More Versatility

Cans chill faster than bottles, stack easily in a fridge, and are better suited for outdoor activities, like camping and fishing. They are ideal for events, festivals, concerts and gigs.

Shelf Appeal

Creative packaging plays a key role in the craft-beer culture. Just as catchy phrasing and clever graphics help define your brand, so does choosing cans.

Delivering Cost Savings

We bring everything with us! Using our service, breweries can save their capital for fermentation tanks and expansion, as opposed to devoting resources toward expensive packaging equipment.

 No Operational Headaches

We bring the experience, expertise, and know-how. Better yet, our compact system requires minimal floor space. For breweries, Them that Can’s flexible, on-demand service means that there’s no massive capital output, no equipment maintenance, no additional staff, no space concerns, and no hassle.

Easier Market Expansion

Them that Can opens the door for breweries of all sizes to utilize their excess capacity. Smaller breweries can move beyond kegs, while breweries already offering bottles are able to reach new markets.

Lower Supplier Minimums

We currently offer a minimum of 50,000 pre-printed cans drawn down over a period of time, we’ll even store them for you. We are currently sourcing shrink-sleeving for even lower volumes… watch this space!


Your Canning Infrastructure

Think of us as the canning infrastructure of your brewery. Our mission is to provide unrivaled, dependable service, thus eliminating the need for our customers to purchase their own in-house systems. Strong partnerships, integrity, and hard work are at the core of our business, and our offerings are designed to make it as easy as possible for breweries of all sizes to join the canned-beer market.

We’ll can your beer

High performance, automated machinery changes effortlessly between finishing tanks, accommodates a variety of can sizes, and has the capability to can up to 16,000 33cl cans per day.

Affordable, simple rate structures provide customers with margins comparable to those achieved with an in-house system. Advanced or short-term scheduling provides breweries with flexibility and a reliable, on-demand service. Rigorous sanitation and cleaning procedures, as well as unparalleled quality control and record keeping, results in a finished product with minimal micro activity and maximum shelf life.

We’ll help you source your packaging

Packaging consultation and expertise helps ensure that our customers make the best decisions for their business. We offer 24 pack cardboard cartons and pak-tech 6 pack handles at an extra cost.

We’ll store your cans

We have the space to store your empty and filled cans. Get in touch for more details.